The average cost to install new windows on a home is $4,745 according to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost report, which measures expenses related to home-improvement projects across the nation.

Overall, the survey found that the average homeowner has spent nearly 60 percent more on home projects over the past 12 months than in the 12 months prior. They spent an average of roughly $1,850 more on home improvement projects.

“Home improvement activity is showing resilience in the face of political shifts,” said HomeAdvisor’s chief economist Brad Hunter. “While there is a sharp divide in how homeowners feel about the economy and the current presidential administration, that divide is not affecting their willingness to take on home projects.”

Window replacements range from a high of $11,000 to a low of $450, according to the report. Replacing window glass averages $248, with a high of $600 and a low of $100. Installing weatherstripping has an average cost of $239, with an upper-end price of $662 and a lower-end price of $57. Cleaning windows is one of the least-expensive projects a homeowner could take on with an average cost of $207 nationally. The low cost is $84 and the high cost is $400.

Installing a door on a home carries an average cost of $860 across the U.S. The low cost is $200 and the high cost is $2,282. Repairing a door costs around $222, with a low cost of $50 and a high cost of $600. Installing a screen door averages about $277. The low price is $50 and the high price is $800.

Overall, the most expensive home remodeling project is a kitchen makeover, which can average $19, 920 (high end: $45,000; low end, $5,000).

“I’m expecting to see continuing strong growth in large and discretionary improvement projects, including an increasing number of bathroom, kitchen and garage remodels,” Hunter said.

According to HomeAdvisor, showing homeowners the average cost of improvement projects can help them make budgetary decisions. More than a third of homeowners don’t understand what hiring a professional will cost, according to the report, and about two-third are afraid they’ll overpay when they hire a contractor.

Data included in the True Cost Report is based on an online survey conducted nationwide among 500 homeowners, ages 25 or older, from February 1-7, 2017.

To view a graphic representation of the report, click here.

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