Lauren Manufacturing, which creates custom sealing solutions from rubber and plastic, is in the midst of a large hiring campaign in order to maximize its wide range of manufacturing capabilities.

The need for employees comes as Lauren expands its rubber extrusion operations in the two facilities it operates in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Lauren develops both extruded and molded parts at its plants in Ohio and Michigan.

Expanded production space will allow for the addition of new equipment in response to customer needs. It also provides opportunities for Lauren to continue to strengthen its safety program and implement lean manufacturing principles.

Lauren’s sister company, LMI Custom Mixing, is completing its own plant expansion that includes the addition of a third mixing line.

LMI is a primary supplier of rubber compounds for Lauren. The partnership provides customers with faster turnaround times, access to enhanced research and development capabilities and superior quality control.

“Through investments in technology and lean processes, Lauren has grown to become a world-class manufacturing company. At the same time, we offer tremendous versatility in part design and production,” president Lisa Huntsman said. “We are truly a problem solver for our customers and look forward to delivering more value to the market.”

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