During the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) annual conference in Phoenix, Ariz., in February, the association’s Fiberglass Material Council successfully balloted the 2017 versions of several finishes documents.

That suite of standards is now available in AAMA’s Online Store. Additionally, an update to the AAMA 305 is progressing, and is currently out for Task Group ballot. These topics and others will be discussed in June at the AAMA Summer Conference.

305 Update Enters Final Stages

Following various editorial changes, the FMC 305 Fiberglass Profiles Specification Review Task Group (Chair: Robert Plagemann, Tecton) approved the revised document for Task Group ballot, which initiates the path to final publication. An important feature of the revision, and topic of discussion, has been the introduction of two different product types for profile categorization. Both of the proposed Types I and II have the same performance parameters, although acceptance criteria differ in Type II (polyurethane) in terms of flexural strength, flexural modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion and heat deflection temperature.

Finishes Standards Published

2017 versions of the fiberglass finishes standards suite, AAMA 623, 624 and 625, have been published following successful final balloting to the AAMA Finishes Steering Committee. Additional substantive comments and editorial fixes stemming from the ballot that took place late last year were the subject of the final review.

One issue of interest that was uncovered, and which may have implications for other sections of the standard trilogy and possibly in other AAMA standards, was to clarify the definition of the evidence of loss of film adhesion, which would be indicated by “blistering, delamination and/or bubbling.” AAMA staff will review the application of this definition to other “no loss of film adhesion” mentions in other performance sections.

FMC Marketing Committee Needs Volunteers

AAMA staff has initiated work to fill now-vacant positions on the FMC Marketing Committee as a means to revitalize the group’s ongoing contributions. Those interested in volunteering should step forward.

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