Milgard Windows & Doors provided its Style Line Series energy-efficient vinyl windows to the newest ABC (Affordable, Buildable, Certifiable) Green Home Project in Orange County, Calif.

The third house built in this series, the ABC Green Home was designed as a high-performance, energy-efficient property resulting in Net-Zero-Energy usage. That means the home needed to produce more energy than it consumed.

ABC Green Homes incorporate modern and sustainable homebuilding elements while embracing nature. The home was designed to include a large number of energy-efficient doors and windows to maximize daylight and increase ventilation to the homes interior. The south-facing roof was fitted with solar panels that add to the home’s sustainable footprint by generating power to offset the electric bill.

“Making eco-friendly choices for renovations and new home construction projects is something any homeowner can do today,” said Jeremiah Noneman, director of marketing at Milgard. “The selection of high-performance windows and patio doors is an affordable solution that can greatly impact a home’s ability to be energy efficient and achieve a sustainable design.”

The home will provide residence for a needy veteran family after it is used to educate and train builders, students, industry groups and the public about eco-friendly home criteria. The home will be rated by LEED, Energy Star, Build it Green, The DOE’s Builder Challenge, Wellness Within Your Walls and The National Green Building Standard (NGBS).

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  1. We were so pleased to be part of this project.

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