I have always been of the belief that when I finally know it all, I can retire.  I seem to learn something new all the time, so it looks like retirement many never happen for me.

With this said, I recently started to dive deeper into the negotiation process. Negotiation is something we all do every day whether we realize it or not. Even when we were little kids, we were negotiating, mostly with our parents. Negotiation is something that is part of our lives.

One negotiation concept I have been studying made me do a double take. The theory is that it’s okay for a customer or prospect to say “no.” In fact, the sooner you start out with a no, the sooner you can start the negotiation process. What happened to all those questions we ask that lead our “target” to always say yes?  How can we sell anything if the customer says no?

But think about it: how many times have we been cornered by someone – whether it be a salesperson or just a friend – asking us questions where “yes” is the only answer than makes sense? Just to get rid of them, you give a non-committed “yes.” We’re all so busy that I believe this happens to each of us on a regular basis.

But the negotiation really does start when someone says “no.” For example, when you offer up a price, how many times has your prospect said, “Wow, your price is too low.” This never happens – and if it has, we have done something wrong.

We really need to start with a “no” to get the negotiation started. This seems to go against everything we have been taught about the selling process. You have tie-down questions, trial closes, etc.  I am not suggesting you throw away your system. But what I am suggestion is don’t get discouraged when you hear a “no,” because the sooner you hear this, the sooner you will come to an agreement.

Great selling!

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  1. Nice perspective!

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