During the recent American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) national conference in Phoenix, Ariz., the Document Management Committee of the Wall Interface Council (WIC) discussed and worked on the next round of document updates.

Several WIC-specific standards will undergo the review process soon, and they’re expected to have some changes made. Some of the documents that have been prioritized for review, and the assigned committees or task groups include the AAMA 713, the AAMA 851, the AAMA 2400 and the FMA/AAMA/WDMA 100, 200 and 300 series. The dedicated groups for these documents will conduct the activities over the next several months.

  • 713-08, Voluntary Test Method to Determine Chemical Compatibility of Sealants and Self-Adhered Flexible Flashings, will be reviewed by the Flashing Committee, with an eye to possibly expanding its scope.
  • 851-09, Fenestration Sealants Guide for Windows, Window Walls and Curtain Walls, has been assigned to the Sealants and Adhesives Technical Steering Committee, who will consider re-packaging this content into a web page to make the information more accessible to customers since it’s a guidance document, not a standard.
  • 2400-10, Standard Practice for Installation of Windows with a Mounting Flange in Open Stud Frame Construction for Low Wind/Water Exposure, will undergo preliminary review by Kim Flanary (Milgard), who will bring recommendations back to the Wall Interface Council. In particular, the post-installation section needs attention.
  • FMA/AAMA/WDMA 100, 200 and 300 (standard practices for installation of various types of windows and doors in different wall systems in locations subject to extreme wind/water conditions), will  be reviewed under the auspices of the AAMA Coordination Committee for FMA/AAMA/WDMA Installation Methods, although further work on replacement window installation practices may need to be accomplished first.

In addition, a revisit will be paid to a gap analysis to determine if items that were identified have been addressed or need action, and if residential window and door manufacturers have additional needs.
Regarding other document-related projects, the group noted the following progress updates:

  • Finalization of the new Voluntary Standard for Pre-Compressed Foam Sealants has been issued for ballot by the task group (chaired by Brain Gagne of Tremco). The most significant change being considered, based on the previous ballot results, was related to durability.
  • The pending new publication, Guidelines for Use of Sealants on Substrates, written by Chris Habegger (Gaska Tape), is undergoing review by the Sealants and Adhesives Technical Steering Committee prior to being distributed for ballot.
  • The WIC is considering the possibility of forming a group to investigate standards and requirements that apply in non-North American countries as the basis for creating a guidance document that would determine commonalities and differences between those requirements and our standards to possibly pursue equivalencies.

In terms of document-related industry activities outside of AAMA, it was reported that:

  • The ASTM C24 Committee has updated test methods C920 (for elastomeric joint sealants) and C1135 (for determining tensile adhesion properties of structural sealants). These and their effect on AAMA protocols, if any, need to be confirmed.
  • The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) has announced the publication of “tier one” of a new quality manual; tier two is currently out for ballot
  • The ASTM E06 Committee is revising the air barrier standard, and means are being set up to share data with AAMA

Work on these matters and others will continue soon at the AAMA National Summer Conference in Newport, R.I., June 18-21.

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