During our last conversation we talked about the triumvirate of “convey, convince, convert” as a way of thinking through a process that can help us be more successful getting leads, making sales and fulfilling what we have sold (The Circle of Life).

Today let’s spend some time unpacking the “convey” concept and see how it relates to things we do every day that can help us serve more homeowners with great windows and doors.

When you think about what the word “convey” means, there are three definitions that fit here…

  • Transport or carry to a place;
  • Make known or understandable to someone, or;
  • Communicate a message or information.

As you start to think about being more successful at conveying your sales and marketing messages to homeowners, use these definitions as your guide.

  • The best sales and marketing messages are those that transcend the whole traditional feature/benefit conversation. The best salespeople and copywriters understand that crafting stories designed to transport the potential customer to a place where they can see themselves enjoying the emotional benefits of their products or services are always the most effective.
  • While today’s customer does an estimated 60 percent to 70 percent of their research online BEFORE ever reaching out to a salesperson, they still take the step to talk with a salesperson. The most powerful thing a sales and marketing communication can do is to truly endeavor to help a homeowner understand often contradictory and, at the very least, confusing information that they find during their research.
  • At its basest level, conveying is communicating. As I travel and visit with our dealer partners, it’s always interesting to compare the level of success between the ones who obsess over good communication skills and those who worry more about the message itself. The “how” is often more important than the “what.”

Next time, we’ll delve into the topic of being a great “convincer.”

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