If you ask folks that work with me on a regular basis, they’ll tell you that I like to look at things in groups of three. It may be that I’m getting a little long of tooth, or that’s just as much as my mind can handle at once, but it’s rare that you’d look at an outline or presentation that we put together that has a different structure.

Almost a year ago today, we wrote our first guest post here. It was about what we like to call the Circle of Life for a door and window dealer. It was basically what we see as the three things that you must do every day to be successful; get leads, make sales and install jobs.

Today, we want to talk about another group of three things that can help us do more of the three above; convey, convince and convert.

As we move into the busy spring season, you’re probably spending time crafting marketing messages, doing sales training and assessing your installation and service teams. (There’s that three thing again…)

Let’s talk about convey, convince and convert as it relates to the parts of the Circle of Life.

What are you trying to convey with your current lead-generation efforts? One of the things we’ve talked about previously is crafting stories that convey the message that doing business with your company is less risky than doing business with a competitor.

Convincing a homeowner to choose your solution is often more about helping them buy. When you begin with how great your windows and doors are, you’re committing the old cardinal sin of “selling, not telling.”

Have you ever thought about converting your installation and service folks into professional educators and let them participate in the lead generation and sales process, at least at some level? In many of the door and window sales organizations that I’ve been associated with over the years, the sales team’s ability to educate the homeowner on the installation process is a missed opportunity.

Next time, let’s dive a little deeper into the concept of conveying…

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