I recently read an article about the evolution of salespeople. The article was about how “introverted” salespeople are becoming more preferred than “extroverted” salespeople. The reason? Sales is becoming more technology-driven, and this has resulted in the “death of cold calling.”

I believe great salespeople come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. And I do agree that “introverted” salespeople can be more preferable, but I also believe this has nothing to do with technology.

To many of us, the term “introvert” means shy, awkward, being alone, etc. But from studying hundreds of personality profiles over the years, I’ve learned that introverts enjoy talking with friends, love being in social settings and are very gregarious. Introverts tend to be empathetic with customers and better listeners. Today, customers and prospects want to know you understand them, and you feel their challenges.

Good salespeople have the ability to paint a picture for the prospect or customer that shows how they will benefit from the product they are selling. Elite salespeople can not only paint the picture, they can get the prospect/customer emotionally involved in the process. Introverted salespeople tend to have the advantage of doing both.

How do they do it? They research the prospect, they have a unique series of questions at the ready, and they let the prospect do most of the talking. By doing this, the salesperson is in full control of the sales process and sales presentation.

Finally, having the “gift of gab” does not make you a good salesperson or a bad salesperson. It is all about how you can relate your “gift of gab” to the customer or prospect. If you are buying a car, do you want to hear how good the car is from the salesperson or do you want to imagine how great you look in that car?

Jeffrey Gitomer says, “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy!” It’s all about having prospects and customers loving to buy something – not you selling.

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