A disagreement between a homeowner and a window installer in Missouri eventually escalated into lawsuits and a nasty online battle in which both parties created websites accusing the other of wrongdoing. A local TV station reporting on the brouhaha calls it “one of the more bizarre disputes” they’ve ever covered.

In 2015, Jeff and Debra Jones of Dardenne Prairie, Mo., hired Prodigy Restoration of Chesterfield, Mo., to install some doors and windows and perform other home repairs, according to a report from KMOV-TV in St. Louis.

The Joneses claim they paid Prodigy owner Brian Darnell $10,900 for the job but he never did the work, KMOV-TV reports. Darnell claims the Joneses held back funds from an insurance settlement. Eventually, the Joneses began posting negative comments about Darnell and Prodigy Restoration on sites such as Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau and social media channels, including YouTube.

Later, they created a website, www.prodigystlsucks.com, to document their problems with Prodigy Restoration. That led to a lawsuit from Darnell that claimed the Joneses’ website and other internet postings defamed him and violated his privacy.

In response to the website set up by the Joneses, Darnell converted his company website, prodigystl.com, into a single 2,900-word post titled “Debra Jane Butler Amarescu Jones,” in which he gives his side of the story. In it, he claims that “at some point” Debra Jones fell in love with him.

Debra Jones told KMOV-TV those statements are false, and called Darnell a “lunatic, absolute sociopath.”

Darnell also told the TV station that he bought the internet domain debra-butler-jones-sucks.com but did not create a website.

The Joneses eventually sued Darnell, and in December 2016 they won a judgment of $16,990.09.  However, KMOV-TV reports that Darnell sent them a letter in which he both congratulated them and rejected their demands for payment because Prodigy had declared bankruptcy.

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