Haogenplast Ltd. and Pixiu Solutions Inc. are launching a joint venture to distribute vinyl products in North America that are currently manufactured by Haogenplast in Israel. It will operate under the name pH plastics inc. and will be based in Brantford, Ontario.

The joint venture combines the manufacturing capabilities of Haogenplast and the distribution and market knowledge of Pixiu. Both companies will own 50 percent of the joint venture.

The product lines for the joint venture will include lamination foils for doors and windows. The products will be sold exclusively through pH plastics=with distributions centers in Canada and USA.

Haogenplast has been producing thermoplastic membranes, along with decorative exterior and interior films, for the past 65 years in Israel. Haogenplast sells its products to Europe, South America, the Far East and Africa. The major shareholder is Kibbutz Haogen along with Lahav Capital Foundation.

Pixiu Solutions  has been selling, distributing and recycling vinyl worldwide for the past 15 years. The privately owned company offers a wide range of products and services including packaging, die cutting and sewing.

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