The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which administers the Energy Star program for windows, doors and skylights, has been ordered by the Trump administration to cease all communications with the media and to stop publishing press releases, blogs and social media.

However, Doug Ericksen, the communications director for Trump’s transition team at EPA, told The Associated Press that he expects the communications ban to be lifted by the end of this week.

The White House is also temporarily blocking new grants or contracts with the EPA, according to the AP.

Additionally, an unnamed source within the EPA said they were also told “to avoid publicizing forthcoming conferences and presentations planned for the next two months – an order some say undermines their ability to fulfill their duties,” according to the Christian Science Monitor.

On Tuesday, Doug Anderson, the EPA’s project manager for the Energy Star windows, doors and skylights program, gave a presentation on the standard at the Northeast Window and Door Association’s winter meetings in Baltimore.

All social media accounts associated with EPA have been silent for nearly a week. For example, Energy Star’s Twitter account hasn’t been updated since January 19, a day before President Trump took office.

More EPA media shutdowns may be coming: Today, Reuters reports that the Trump administration has ordered the removal of the page about climate change from the agency’s website.

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  1. Sadly, Canada went through its own 5 years of gag orders by an ultra right wing federal government. That government was finally defeated and their policies lifted. I wonder if the well maintained, slightly used government issue gags were sold on Craig’s list? The Trump people might be able to get a good deal on buying them.

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