We are now heading into the new year, and this raises the question, “What are your new year’s resolutions with business in mind?” After all, we all strive to improve profitability and grow our business year after year. So, with so many things on the business landscape which are possibly taking new directions, what are the three most important things we should consider when making our business resolutions?

Number 1: Set and prioritize goals that are measurable, achievable and meaningful. Whether you are the CEO of the company, a department leader or an associate, set goals that can be measured. If they cannot be measured, how will you know where you and your company are going? They must also be achievable. Don’t bite off more than you or your company can chew. Nobody likes to come up short, and setting goals that are too lofty is not conducive to creating a sense of accomplishment. Also, all business goals must be meaningful to the company or business. What is meaningful? Well, if the end result of a stated goal does not either contribute to increased revenue, lowered costs or support some other part of the corporate mission statement, then you should probably strike it from your list.

Number 2: Consider the impact of everything you plan to do. As you plan your activities for each month, week and day, consider the impact each activity is likely to have toward helping you to achieve your most important goals. Spend time on the things that are likely to have the biggest impact and that are consistent with your position within the company. So spend time on the most important things first and then move down the list. This will increase your momentum while keeping you energized and focused.

Number 3: Keep a balance. Resolve to balance your personal life with your business drive. Do you live to work or work to live? Too far toward either end of the spectrum is not where you want to be. We only have one life to live and we don’t get a do-over, so make sure you have the proper balance between your personal life and your business activities. You are doing your family a great disservice by focusing too many resources on your career. On the flip side, by ignoring your personal needs and the needs of your family, you are putting your personal well-being at risk, which is no good for your company in the long run. That is one reason why more and more companies are more sensitive to the personal needs of their employees. They realize that there must be a balance in order for their workers to be long-term contributors. Also, the best companies truly do care about the well-being of their employees, and some even make this a part of their mission statement.

So, keep these three important factors in mind as you make or fine tune your list of new year’s business resolutions and have a fantastic 2017!

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