As we bring 2016 to a close, we can look back on this year and say that it was an unbelievably crazy one. We saw peaks and valleys throughout the year, but overall, we all should be proud of how our businesses finished up.

Regardless of political affiliation, it would appear that we have a pro business president-elect, and this is going to give our industry some optimism for growth over the next few years. But as many of us have discussed, there is always going to be something we have to overcome during the course of any given year.

The great news is this: From talking to many window dealers and industry gurus across the country, we all seem to be saying the same thing. What a fantastic finish to 2016! The post-election business boom has been terrific.

Many of us, manufacturers and dealers alike, experienced record-setting sales in November. December looks to follow suit. History has shown many of us that when the last two months finish strong, it is a positive sign for the following year.

We need to ask ourselves how are we going to improve in 2017? If we want to grow, the status quo will not do. Let’s face it — a great year does not happen all by itself. We need to have our plan set for next year. Do we have enough people/the right people in place? Are the advertising schedules in place to get the leads we need for growth? Do we have the right products for 2017? What are we going to have new for 2017? These are just some of the questions we need to make sure we have answered.

Finally, we can reflect on 2016 and we can be excited to turn the page to 2017. We can be optimistic about the future. In 2017, we know there will be positive things that happen to our businesses and hurdles that we will have to overcome. It will come down to how we tackle the opportunities and the unexpected. I am confident that our industry is filled with some of the most innovative people on the planet, and next year at this time, we will be talking about what a fantastic year 2017 was.

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