A new Canadian company, MyHEAT Inc., says it has developed technology that can track heat loss through doors and windows by using infrared cameras mounted on airplanes.

MyHeat’s technology takes detailed nighttime thermal images to map building heat loss. The data gathered is posted in online maps that display how efficient each home is, down to individually searchable addresses.

The platform is currently available in Alberta, with a planned-roll out across major urban Canadian cities over the next year.

In collaboration with ATCOenergy and Mike Holmes Inspections, the launch  of MyHEAT marks the continued commercialization of technology developed by Geoff Hay and his team at the University of Calgary. According to the company, this increases the accuracy of building, community and city heat loss maps and makes it possible to compare the results over time and across different geographical locations.

“This new technology is a prime example of Alberta leadership and innovation that will help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases, improve efficiency, and increase education and monitoring,” said Jeff Taylor, MyHEAT’s president and CEO. “We look forward to working with additional partners to build momentum towards a more sustainable future.”


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