It does not seem like Election Day could be here already. The presidential campaigns feel like they have just gotten underway. This is obviously a heavy dose of sarcasm. There is excitement and relief that Election Day is finally here and tomorrow it will all be over.

With all the television advertisements, the direct mail campaigns, the telemarketing and the canvassing, we all have had enough. With all the advertising political campaigns do, it seems that the majority of messages are negative. The message from candidates is not “vote for me as my track record is the best,” it seems to be focused on “vote for me because I am not as bad as the other candidate.”

This made me think of the replacement window industry and how we have evolved over the years. If our industry didn’t invent these advertising mediums mentioned above, we certainly improved them. There also was a time that many dealers talked about the negatives of the competitor, and part of the “old school” presentations talked about why homeowners should be “fearful” of not replacing their windows. The process of purchasing replacement windows for homeowners was more about excitement and relief that the process was over – just like this presidential campaign.

Today, the window industry has transformed itself into something completely different. The process of purchasing windows has changed. Some window dealers do not even go in the home to sell windows, they leverage the power of the internet and sell online. Window dealers focus on the positives their respective companies offer.

Presentations have evolved from a traditional paper “pitch book” to fantastic presentations on an iPad or Surface Tablet. Focusing on “fear” of not replacing windows has changed to a focus on science – whether it be a FLIR camera showing before-and-after images of heat loss to talking about spectrally selective low-e’s and which side of the house each type of low-e belongs. More homeowners now enjoy the selling process instead of dreading it.

Window dealers having always been true entrepreneurs and true innovators. However, we have evolved our selling process into a more positive process because this is what the market dictated. I think the political campaigns would be well served by “stealing” our ideas again. It would be terrific to have our perspectives changed where we looked forward to the political campaigns rather than dreading them.

Great selling!

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