Frustrated with the whole SEO thing? While most of our dealer partners understand the potential of the internet from a lead-generation standpoint, many have struggled with the concept of search engine optimization; either trying and failing at it themselves, or, maybe worse yet, paying someone to do it and getting no real results.

Do you want to know the secret to successful SEO? First, let’s try and understand why what you, or your vendor, has tried that hasn’t really worked. In many cases, unsuccessful SEO has focused on one of two things:

• Targeting keywords that are too competitive and therefore cost too much, or take too long, to rank for. For example, if you were doing some pay-per-click for “atlanta replacement windows,” Google would recommend a minimum bid of $28.84 per click. At that rate, it’s really easy to spend $3,000 and not make one sale.

• Targeting keywords that are easy to rank for, but no one is searching for. This happens quite a bit with high-dollar SEO vendors who, in order to justify their ongoing existence, target keywords that are peripherally germane to your business, but no one is searching for. Because there is virtually no other competitor working on these keywords, they’re easy to rank for. If you search for those keywords you might rank at or near the top of search engine listings, but if consumers aren’t looking for them, what good does it do you?

So let’s go back to that secret I mentioned — and, by the way, it takes no special skills. As a matter of fact, you, and members of your team, are uniquely qualified to do this.

You ready? The secret to successful SEO from a lead-generation standpoint is having the ability to answer questions. Whose questions and what questions?

Simple — answering the questions that potential customers are asking.

One of the things that has changed so much about our business is that our customers no longer rely on us to do the vast majority of their research. It’s estimated that up to 60 percent of a consumer’s research is done BEFORE they’ll reach out to a salesperson. Obviously the bulk of this research is done on the internet.

Think about how you search for something. Very rarely do you use one or two words, because you’ve learned that the quickest way to get the answers that you are looking for is to be as specific as possible in your search query. Earlier, when I wanted to know the estimated cost of the keyword “atlanta replacement windows,” I typed a full sentence in the form of a question.

That’s how homeowners are searching for your products and services. So, understanding the questions that your customers are asking and making sure you are the one they find when they ask those questions is the key to successful SEO on the internet.

Next time, we’ll go a bit more in depth about how this works.

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  1. Joe, this is a great article – it is keeping me at the edge of the seat to find out more… Looking forward to the follow-up!

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