Earthwise Windows of Albany, N.Y., known locally as PVC Industries, is now selling windows that meet the stringent demands of the Passive House construction standard, according to Mark Davis, executive director of the Earthwise Group.

The Passive House concept originated in Europe as a way to dramatically reduce energy consumption. The concept relies on solar heat gain for passive heating, and ventilation for fresh air and cooling. As a result, windows are a key factor in Passive House design.

Earthwise Windows of Albany, N.Y., has developed the Revolution window system in accordance with Passive House design requirements. The patent-pending Revolution offers triple-glazed construction, a seven-chambered sash, a continuous triple weather seal and more. The window can achieve thermal performance ratings of R-7 and higher and delivers exceptional air infiltration performance.

“We’re seeing increasing demand for Passive House windows from both residential and commercial sectors,” said Ken Ceriello, vice president of business development for Earthwise Windows of Albany, NY, notes, The hotel industry, in particular, is showing a great deal of interest.”

The Earthwise Group is a national network of independent manufacturers who build energy-efficient doors and windows for their customers’ local climate. It’s one of the largest manufacturers of windows in the nation, building over one million units annually.

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