With so much chatter around this year’s presidential election, it’s easy to lose sight of who in government can truly make an impact on your business: your members of Congress. It’s also easy to get swept up in party lines and philosophical debates. But I encourage you to dig deeper and learn which candidates truly support manufacturers in America – and which do not.

One tool I have found particularly useful is the Congressional Voting Record published by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

In my view, NAM does a good job of scoring members of the House and Senate based on their voting record and alignment with NAM’s position on important issues. They claim to be non-partisan and do not endorse candidates. The entire goal is to give manufacturers a resource to understand who supports NAM and its members and who stood on the wrong side.

Take the time to review the scorecards before you cast your votes in November. As always, I believe being well informed and utilizing the many free resources out there to make better decisions are key to staying ahead in our business. I think some of you might be surprised to see how many politicians are out of touch with manufacturers.

View the House of Representatives scorecard.

View the Senate scorecard.

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