Integrity Windows and Doors introduces new options for its Inswing French Door, ensuring higher performance, lower maintenance, and the ability to stand up to the harshest storms and coastal conditions. New options include IMPACT Zone Three hurricane-level glass, along with structural improvements and enhanced durability and customization.

Available in heights of up to eight feet, Integrity Wood-Ultrex patio doors offer unobstructed views and elegant French styling, while delivering strength where it’s needed most. The rich pine interiors can be stained or painted, and the durable Ultrex fiberglass exteriors are built to withstand harsh conditions found in windswept coastal regions, including strong winds, driving rain, humidity, salt and sun.

The Wood-Ultrex Inswing French Door’s new IMPACT IZ3 option, achieving a Performance Grade (PG) 55 rating, provides the impact performance needed to keep Mother Nature at bay, whether it’s a Nor’easter on the Cape, a tropical storm in the Carolinas or a hurricane in the South. The door is offered with a 1- and 2-panel IMPACT IZ3 option and features a five-point hardware system that provides increased strength and security.

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