If you haven’t heard, there is an election coming up in less than 60 days. It seems like this presidential election cycle has been going on for over a year — and in fact, I believe it has been. With this election in particular, it seems that the negativity of the campaigns is being topped by all four presidential candidates.

But does the presidential election have any correlation with replacement window sales?

I would answer this simply by saying there is a correlation if you let it affect you. Over the years, history has shown that the uncertainty that hangs over a presidential election causes people to take a wait-and-see approach. In the past, this has led to a softer sales year.

However, I am not sure if this is true anymore.

Here is what I do know. Advertising does get more expensive for home-improvement companies during an election year. Media outlets are able to pass along higher pricing during these presidential election cycles. Also, if window dealers are canvassing, guess what? Election campaigns are also canvassing, so homeowners are less likely to answer their doors.

But in our ever-evolving marketplace, I believe that with all the different social media platforms available, combined with how creative home improvement companies are today, leads continue to remain solid.

Let me close with this: Every year there is always going to be something. This year, it is the presidential race. Next year, it will be something different. There will always be something that can have an effect on sales. The question is, how much will you allow it to effect you? Your attitude will always be your sales compass on whether you are going to have a great year or not.

Let’s push all the noise aside and commit to finishing this year out strong to make 2016 a record-breaking year!


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