If you are like all of our dealer partners, you spend a lot of time thinking about how to make your door and window marketing efforts more effective. Not just getting more leads, but getting higher-quality leads. After all, anything that you can do to help raise the percentage of sales that you and your sales team close is time well spent, right?

One of the best ways to do that is to layer your marketing efforts. In other words, for each segment, use more than one form of marketing. By doing this, you maximize the opportunities for the information that you are providing to be consumed. For example, where applicable, couple direct mail with canvassing, let’s say, so that the ones that you miss while canvassing see your offer when they go through their mail.

Many door and window dealers do some of this almost instinctively already. But there is an even better way; a way to turbocharge your marketing efforts and virtually guarantee that your offer and/or call to action will reach the largest number of potential customers.

When determining the different ways that you will layer a particular marketing campaign, consider the three learning modalities.

You see, we all have a main way that we, almost subconsciously, prefer to consume information. You’ve probably heard of these before…visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Visuals prefer things they can look at, auditories are things they can hear and kinesthetics are things they can touch.

For almost eight years, I covered five states in the Southeast, teaching our dealer partners and their sales teams how to best position our window and door products for homeowners. This required a ton of time behind the wheel of a car.

My biggest struggle with this job was the fact that I often felt that my windshield time was really unproductive. During a 6 1/2 hour drive to Memphis, for example, I could call every one of my dealers and still have another four hours to go.

“Listen to motivational and sales training CDs,” I was always told. The problem is, I’m not an auditory learner. I’d try listening to CDs and later podcasts or audiobooks and I’d find myself going back and trying to catch stuff I missed. I’m also not a video guy, but give me something to hold and read? Now you’ve got my attention.

One of the smartest home improvement marketing guys I ever knew got this concept completely. He had this program where he’d create buzz with a yard sign in a pre-selected area (visual/kinesthetic), followed up with another yard sign that directed them to a landing page with a video (visual/kinesthetic/auditory). About a week later, right after he sent out this huge postcard (visual/kinesthetic), he’d send in a canvass team (visual/auditory), with leave-behind door knockers that had a DVD attached (visual/auditory/kinesthetic). Either the canvassers or his inbound phone team would book the appointments for the sales team from there. His sales team loved the quality of these leads so much that they gave the owner a discount on their commissions, which he passed along to the homeowners as part of the urgency/scarcity story.

What door and widnow marketing campaign are you running that you could layer the methods based on the three learning modalities?

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