Andersen Corporation has released its fifth annual Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR). The report is now available online.

“In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, our 2015 CSR celebrates the importance of wild and natural resources, as well as the company’s own century-long commitment to preserving the view outside our windows,” said Jay Lund, chairperson and chief executive officer at Andersen.

The 2015 CSR illustrates how the company advanced new sustainability strategies and environmental targets as a Ceres signatory. Among the report’s highlights from 2015:

Sourcing Clean Energy – In 2015, Andersen signed agreements with community solar developers to subscribe to up to 19 megawatts (MV) of solar power through the Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Community program. Additionally, the company signed a regional Pollinator Pledge, and chose solar allies who’ve agreed to establish site management practices benefiting pollinators and other wildlife.

Transparency – Andersen was the first in its industry to publish an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD incorporates life cycle assessment data to advance product transparency, with the goal of ultimately reducing environmental impacts. The company intends to expand from this first, Renewal by Andersen double-hung window EPD, to include other product offerings.

Philanthropy – Andersen expanded its work with the Yellowstone Park Foundation in 2015, building on prior energy-efficiency successes with the group. The company donated windows to the new employee dormitory in the Old Faithful area of the park, helping the building achieve a LEED Platinum certification.

2015 also marked the completion of St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity’s Eco Village – 18 LEED Platinum net zero homes located in River Falls, Wisc.

The 2015 CSR follows the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 in Accordance-Core option. Andersen made the transition away from a printed report to an exclusively web-based platform for the 2015 CSR.

“We are excited to transition to an online CSR this year,” said Eliza Clark, Andersen’s director of sustainability and environmental. “Our goal was to build a dynamic platform that would allow us new opportunities not just to tell our story, but to meaningfully engage in a dialogue with our customers, employees and other key stakeholders.”

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