Masonite has been recognized by Green Builder Media as a 2016 Eco-Leader. The company says it was selected for its innovative uses of waste to improve material production and benefit local industries. Masonite also is recognized for improving the design of fiberglass doors to look like exotic wood species, saving rare wood from being harvested.

“Masonite has incorporated sustainability into the company since it was formed over 90 years ago,” said Frederick Lynch, president and CEO of Masonite International Corporation. “While it has always been a part of the Masonite business model, we are continually looking at ways to create more sustainable products, reduce waste, and improve sustainable processes. We are honored to be recognized as an Eco-Leader and will continue to strive to find new and innovative ways to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment.”

Masonite says it encourages its approximately 65 manufacturing plants around the world to enter its Environmental Excellence Awards competition. The competition recognizes plant initiatives that improve the environmental impact of Masonite’s products and manufacturing techniques. In 2015, one of Masonite’s North American plants won for developing a process to reuse left over scrap boards by grinding them up and adding them back into the production process.



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