Johnson Hardware introduces its new 1060 Soft-Close sliding door hardware. The soft-close hardware works like a cabinet door closer with pocket, sliding and wall-mounted doors. This enables doors to open effortlessly, and close quietly and securely, according to the company.
Dampener Engaged A 001

Soft close sliding door hardware can be used in new or retrofitted installations with these Johnson Hardware pocket door, sliding and wall mount door systems: 138F, 134F, 100PD, 100SD, 2610F, 1500, 1562 and 2710.

Use one set for soft action opening or closing in a single door, two sets on a single door for soft close action opening and closing. For two converging pocket or wall mount doors, or two bypass sliding doors, use four sets for soft action opening or closing. Each set includes a soft close dampener, two door hanger plates, an actuator and a ball-bearing door hanger.

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