My company, Milanese Remodeling, has over 1,000 fans following my Facebook for Business page. I create and publish Facebook “posts” on my Facebook page to communicate with existing clients and to meet new clients. For anyone who is not familiar with Facebook, a “post” is how Facebook users communicate with each other.

A post can simply be a written message, or a post can include a photo, video or even a link to my website, a YouTube video, Pinterest, Houzz or LinkedIn … Or anything else you might imagine!

When I make a post for Facebook, I can do all of the following:

• Promote my company brand and image to targeted Facebook users;
• Share photographs and video;
• Communicate with existing and potential clients;
• Share links to my website, YouTube channel, Pinterest and Houzz photo albums;
• Promote awareness for my causes (brain tumor awareness and skin cancer prevention);
• Share important community news or events, and;
• Invite the community to participate in my events.

The only cost involved with a post is the time I use to create it. A post as simple as a statement about the weather can be a useful way to start a dialogue with your your followers.

As an example a business might post “ Mark Twain said, ‘everybody TALKS about the Weather, but nobody DOES anything about it!’ ”

That post might take 15 seconds to type and share. Then, other Facebook users can see what you have to say and react by liking, commenting or sharing your post. As the reactions accumulate, you will be creating an image for your business, and that image will in turn cause some people to follow you. … It may sound complicated, but it truly is not.

Having a social media presence does require effort, thought and a game plan. The image you will be creating for your business should reflect your brand. (See my most recent posts.)

As such, you will want to decide on the “personality” for your business, and the posts you create and the content you provide to other Facebook users will become part of your social media marketing strategy.

Here are some other useful tips:

• Facebook is free for all users – a business does not pay to have a page on Facebook or to make a post;
• A post can also include a photo, video or a link to a webpage or YouTube video and more;
• Other Facebook users can like, comment or share a post;
• The only cost involved with having a page to post on Facebook is the time it takes to create a post;
• Some posts take more time than others, but most posts can simply be a photo of a project and a few words to describe the photo;
• Adding a photo or a video to a post has much more chance to be seen by more people, and;
• Facebook posts can improve the performance of other social media – such as YouTube, Pinterest and Houzz.

I actually have a lot of fun with my Facebook page. I consider my clients my friends. I enjoy sharing my projects, thoughts, events and causes with my fans. In return, my fans share my posts, make posts on my page and comment about my posts. When my fans make these actions, THEIR friends see my business and find out about my products and services.

What is the end result of my activity on Facebook?

• Facebook generates leads that convert into sales;
• Facebook provides attendance for my events;
• Facebook provides support for my causes
• Facebook creates traffic to promote my website, YouTube channel, Houzzz and Pinterest, and;
• Facebook improves my Interntet presence and search engine optimization (SEO).

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