Have you seen the virtual reality (VR) readers? I first came in contact with VR readers when I received a free pair in the mail from Google a few months ago. You can purchase a simple VR reader online for as low as $5.

I was in awe the first time I used these readers. I could not believe the clarity and the 360-degree view I was enjoying. I started researching them immediately and found filming in this format can be quite expensive. However, the cost over the past few months has already come down, and there is also a third generation of readers out.

I also started listening to podcasts about what VR readers could do. If you are into sports or concerts, wouldn’t it be great to watch your favorite sports team from the 50-yard line or center court? Wouldn’t it be great to watch your favorite singer, front row and center? There are only so many tickets physically available to do this, but with VR readers, you can have access to these types of experiences. To let you know how close we are to this, the upcoming Olympics in Rio will be available to view in virtual reality.

But you are probably asking “what is the big deal?” What do virtual reality readers have to do with me and my business? The answer might surprise you. VR readers are going to change the way we go to market and the way we do business.

Imagine your sales person presenting the window from the friendly confines of your office through virtual reality readers to a homeowner. The sales person would have an infinite number of tools to show the prospect that they may not be able to bring into the home. You could have better control over the presentations And instead of being limited to a certain number of appointments a day, sales people could schedule a lot more. And these are just a fraction of the benefits virtually reality will bring to your business.

I have already spoken to one remodeling company, Owl Remodeling in Charlotte, N.C., that is in the process of filming presentations in virtual reality mode. The owner, Jesse Garrett, believes by getting out on the cutting edge, he will have a unique selling point over his competitors. And he is working on incorporating even more of your senses than sight.

Virtual reality is going to be a huge shift for all of us. My suggestion is to get ready for it. You are going to be using it, whether it be in your own lifestyle or your business. It’s coming fast, and it is going to have amazing impacts on our businesses.

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