Solar Innovations Architectural Glazing Systems recently completed air, water, structural, and impact testing for its SI5200 Aluminum Curtain Wall, SI5200 Y Angle Butt-Glazed Corner Window, and Out-Swing Modular Mulled Terrace Door in order to receive a Florida Approval Product Number.

Solar Innovations’ Out-Swing Modular Mulled Terrace Door also received a Florida Approval Product Number

Solar Innovations recently completed another test on the Out-Swing Modular Mulled Terrace Door that is pending a Florida number but will double the water penetration resistance to 12.0 psf, according to the company.

Along with other products, the SI5200 Aluminum Curtain Wall recently received a Florida Approval Product Number. More Florida certification is also underway for several products, including Solar’s G2 International Hopper Window, Fixed Vinyl Window Wall, High Performance G2 International Tilt Turn, High Performance G2 Out-Swing Modular Terrace Door, and G2 90° Operable Skylight.

These products have completed testing and are in the Florida Product Approval Process; they are currently available, and a FL Product Approval number will be provided by the end of the third quarter.

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