Software maker WTS Paradigm and EdgeAQ, which does business as Edgenet, have agreed to settle and dismiss their respective claims pending in the U.S. District Court in Madison, Wisc.

The litigation was related to allegations by WTS Paradigm, which was seeking a declaratory judgment from the court that it had not infringed on certain EdgeAQ configuration-related patents and had not misappropriated any of EdgeAQ’s trade secrets. EdgeAQ had previously made these allegations in a case it filed in the U.S. District Court in Nashville, Tenn., which was previously dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Neither party admitted any liability, and the parties agreed that the terms of the settlement need not be kept confidential.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, WTS Paradigm will not pay any compensation to EdgeAQ and WTS Paradigm will not seek sanctions and attorneys’ fees. WTS Paradigm agreed to conduct a search of its records and, if it finds any confidential EdgeAQ information, it has agreed to delete it.

In addition, in the settlement agreement, EdgeAQ provided to WTS Paradigm, its customers, and end users a Covenant Not to Sue for infringement of any of EdgeAQ’s configurator-related patents, as well as a GDSN-related patent. Likewise, with some exceptions, in the settlement agreement, EdgeAQ has provided WTS Paradigm, its customers, and end users a full release of any and all claims that EdgeAQ could have brought in the litigation.

“We are very appreciative and thankful that our customers and employees have supported us during these months of litigation.” said Joel Fields, WTS Paradigm CFO. “We believe that putting this litigation behind us will allow WTS to continue to focus on our customers’ needs and expanding our business.”

WTS Paradigm was represented in the case by Quarles & Brady, LLP.

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