Steve Cespedes, a sales manager at Soft-Lite Windows in Ohio, recently had a funny run-in with one of the world’s biggest celebrities — and it briefly went viral on social media.

During Thursday’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, a photographer snapped pop superstar Beyonce shooting some “serious side eye” at Cespedes, according to Entertainment Weekly. The magazine’s story was based on this tweet from the Huffington Post:

Because Beyonce’s every move is closely followed on social media, the original photo quickly generated snarky commentary online.  So Cespedes responded on Twitter with a photo of Beyonce looking directly into his eyes:

According to Entertainment Weekly, the gag was all Beyonce’s doing.

“I showed her the Huffington Post tweet, we thought it was funny, she came up with this idea,” Cespedes tweeted at one point during the evening.

Cespedes told DWM it was purely by chance that he and his wife ended up sitting next to the singer and her husband, rapper/entrepreneur Jay Z.

“It was an epic experience,” he said via a Twitter message. “Totally last-minute invite as my largest customer was supposed to sit in those seats, but their flight got delayed so many times that they missed the game. Roy and Ronwyn Anderson, the owners of Soft-Lite, then thought of me as I’ve been with them for awhile and am a huge sports and Cavs fan.” Soft-Lite has had a block of floor seats for Cleveland Cavaliers games for many years, according to Tyson Schwartz, the company’s chief sales and marketing officer (and a blogger for DWM).

Cespedes clearly had a blast with the moment, later jokingly tweeting to a friend that Beyonce “wouldn’t leave me alone last night”:

No word on whether he persuaded the superstar couple to buy new windows. …


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