I remember when I first got into the window replacement business. Triple glass had been out for several years, a handful of window manufacturers were foam-filling the internal chambers in their windows and there were a few interior woodgrains available. The experienced sales and marketing people told me that we had arrived. There really wasn’t any way to improve on the windows we had at the time, but that was more than 25 years ago.

I know we don’t look at vinyl replacement windows as technological marvels like our smart phones and tablets, which advance at such a rapid rate.

But if we stand back and compare today’s window technology to what was available 25 years ago, we’ll see things have dramatically changed. Because we’re in this industry, sometimes we don’t realize how far it’s come.

Today, there are multiple types of glazing and spacer systems, and the out dated systems have gone by the wayside. Woodgrains have improved to the point that you have a hard time seeing the difference between laminate and real wood. In addition, we have mini blinds between the glass, self-tinting glass, glass that can protect us from Mother Nature and low-E coatings that are designed for specific areas of the country. If that’s not enough, today you can get any exterior color you can dream of your replacement windows.

Now let’s think about what will happen five to seven years from now. I believe the saying “The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.”

Solar companies have done research and experimenting with windows. These companies are trying to design windows as energy producers instead of just energy savers, and the technology isn’t that far off. Also, there has been experimentation where windows will be able to produce an outside (background) image depending on your preference—like the background on your smart phone. Windows and glass are going to be more and more part of our daily lives.

I know sometimes our industry does not seem “sexy” but I truly believe we ain’t seen nothing yet!

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  1. By jove, I think he’s got it. Spot on as they say, and this industry has always been sexy!

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