A California-based window manufacturer and one of its dealers have both issued statements to DWM in response to a report on an Oakland TV station that claimed they failed to deliver high-efficiency windows to about a dozen customers in the Bay Area. AnaMar Windows, the manufacturer, and Clear Vision Windows, the installer, both say the problem can be traced to a former Clear Vision salesperson.

According to the report from KTVU, the station “obtained contracts from at least a dozen customers all across the Bay Area who purchased Low E3 glass from AnaMar Window and contractor Clear Vision Windows, based in Hayward. But former employee Mark Torres claims that many customers didn’t actually get Low E3 glass for their homes, but instead were given a lower, cheaper grade of glass — without their knowledge.” DWM distributed the TV station’s link through our e-mail newsletter on May 26.

Here’s the statement from Clear Vision:

Dear Valued Customer:

In light of the allegations against our company we would like to apologize for any confusion or wrong doing.

We would like to make right any order which may have been incorrect. This alleged wrong doing was at the hands of one particular employee. This employee has been terminated and the corrective measures have been taken to insure this will never happen again.

Clear Vision does honor all warranties and if any customer feels as if they may have been affected please feel free to contact our service department.


Andrew Bautista – Owner
Clear Vision Windows
(510) 477-9000

Here’s the statement from AnaMar Windows:

Dearest Valued Customers:

It has come to the attention of AnaMar Windows Manufacturing, that some of the windows sold through an independent entity, Clear Vision Windows may not have been what customers were asking for. We at AnaMar do not take this issue lightly.

AnaMar Windows is just the manufacturer who makes the windows. With that being said, if any third party contractor ever deceived any customers, we would like to officially apologize if there was any confusion on our behalf. AnaMar Windows prides itself of excellent customer satisfaction and would never deceive any of our customers.

Through our own investigation we have found the root of the issue was one particular salesperson. According to Clear Vision this individual has been terminated.

AnaMar Windows has also found that this may have only affected 10 to 12 homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and corrective measures have already been taken to insure this will never happen again.

AnaMar Windows will only be keeping LowE 366 in stock for any order. We have retrained and added additional quality control managers, as well as retraining our whole management department.

AnaMar Windows Manufacturing does have the industry leading warranty. No matter what company, contractor, or third party vendor who may have purchased our windows, AnaMar Windows will honor that warranty. If any customer should feel they did not get what they purchased, please contact Clear Vision Windows directly. We will be working closely with them to correct this issue.

We would like to thank you for your time, patience, and understanding. As our company is working hard to make sure nothing like this will ever happen again.


Carly Carrillo
General Manager
AnaMar Windows MFG
(323) 726-2885


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