After the pounding home prices took during the Great Recession, it was thought that homeowners would be less likely to focus on adding value to their homes when remodeling. A new study shows that hypothesis was wrong.

“The rating for importance of information on the ‘impact on my home’s value’ actually went up marginally from before the recession to today,” said Fred Miller, president of Consumer Specialists, the firm that did the research. “It appears that once trained to think about the impact on their home’s value, U.S. homeowners have made that a part of their long term thinking.”

While adding value held its own, there was significant growth in the importance of getting ideas on styles and appearance. The availability of ideas on the Internet and via television certainly help fill this growing need. The Millennials, now America’s largest generation, have the strongest interest in style and appearance.

“For business whose products or services relate to style and appearance, this should be a call to action to meet the strong needs of Millennials in this area,” said Miller.


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