Simpson Door Company’s Ideabook, Inspiration at Your Door, was recently named the Best Manufacturing Interactive application in the 2016 Internet Advertising Competition Awards.

“We think finding and personalizing your door should be exciting,” said Brad Loveless, Simpson’s marketing and product development manager. “With the Ideabook’s interactive features, you can explore your door options anywhere on your mobile device and create the perfect door for you – from your living room to your Simpson authorized dealer’s showroom, even at the coffee shop or beach. These helpful tools go wherever you go.”

In addition to the Ideabook, Simpson offers a number of other free, easy-to-use online door design and selection tools. Offered under the Doormagination banner, these include:

  • Test Drive a Door, which allows homeowners to upload a photo of their home and view how Simpson’s doors will look on it
  • Glass Taste Test, for comparing Simpson’s wide range of decorative glass types in any door
  • Wood Species Selector, to view Simpson’s most popular wood styles
  • Personalize Your Contemporary Door, which is a new tool for 2016 for designing a door specific to your personal style and taste
  • Find Your Perfect Match, a fun and engaging quiz to discover which door style suits you best

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