When I am with window dealers, we always talk about what to cover in a sales meeting from a partner perspective. My dealers will say things like “make sure you cover this” or “stay away from this topic.” It started me really observing what makes for a successful sales meeting.

From my observations and speaking to many of my customers, I came away with four key components to having a great sales meeting:

• Have the salespeople arrive 15 minutes before the start of the meeting. That way they can get their greetings in and talk to whomever they need to before getting down to business. It also ensures that the meeting starts on time – punctuality shows the salespeople that the meeting is to be taken seriously – as well as setting the expectations for meeting their appointments “early” or “on time”;

• Maintain a list of the unique or new circumstances that arise from the previous week so you can cover this as talking points. This includes not only sales oddities, but also production, customer service, and finance. By covering this list, your company will run more efficiently;

• Salespeople are competitive by nature, so covering the month-to-date performance and measuring performance over the last 90 days is a key component in driving continuous improvement and growth. It is also important to ask the top performers what they attribute their success to — and it is equally important to ask the “below par” performers the same question. By doing this, the sales team will continually practice improvement disciplines, and;

• Finishing the meeting out strong is critical to the success. The last question to ask the sales team before it heads out for the day or the week is, “What stands out most for you from the meeting today that you are going to apply during the week?” This question has a double purpose. First, it gets commitment from the salespeople. Second, it tells the sales leader how effective the meeting has been and what needs to happen to improve the next one.

If you have other key criteria to having a successful sales meeting, email me at tschwartz@soft-lite.com and we can look at publishing a list for everyone in the future.

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