With my job, I observe many different businesses. There are large, multi-location mega retailers, family-owned businesses and smaller owner-operated retailers. Our industry gives people many paths to success. However, businesses of every size share the need to “close the sale” to make things happen.

As anyone in sales has experienced, closing sales can be a challenge. When I first started in the industry “a long time ago,” I was very impatient and wanted to get to the close right away. When I did get to the close, it was nerve-racking. I went through my steps to the sale too fast, didn’t do a good job using tie-downs and then finally, when I had to ask for the order, many times the close just didn’t happen.

I thought it was because I was too nervous, but I learned through experience that it was because I wasn’t going through my process thoroughly enough and may have even skipped some steps. Does this sound familiar? It isn’t only new salespeople who experience this—veteran salespeople go through slumps, too. It happens to everyone.

So here are five secrets to closing the sale:

  1. Be genuine. Your customer can tell whether you are selling to help them solve their challenges or you are just in it for the paycheck;
  2. Understand that closing the sale is more of an emotional decision than it is a logical one—the customer’s biggest fear is to make the wrong decision and choose the wrong company;
  3. Recognize that you are the “Doctor of Windows” and you are prescribing a solution that will make their home better (financially, comfort wise, aesthetics, etc.)—the customer needs to trust you in making the correct diagnosis;
  4. Have fun and be enthusiastic every day—customers thrive off your enthusiasm; and
  5. Celebrate your successes with reflection and face your rejections with confidence.

Finally, it has been my experience that closing the sale is more about listening to your customers and sharing like situations where you have solved similar challenges. You want to be viewed as a value-adding consultant, designer and an advocate for the customer. If you do this, it truly will be “great selling!”

Great Selling!

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  1. Tyson,

    Your article is spot on and will be shared with others so they can also benefit from your brilliant observations.

    Thanks for sharing
    Hal Yaffe

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