Punxsutawney Phil was right again… Each February 2, Phil predicts spring is either right around the corner, or six more weeks away.  Guess what? That groundhog is always right.

February speeds by and soon enough, winter ends and spring begins. January and February are a great time for retailers to get ready for a new year.  It’s time to recharge batteries with empty spots in our busy calendars.  It’s time to tackle projects we don’t have time for when we are busy with clients…

For people in the door and window industry, the short days and long nights of winter are filled with winter vacations, dealer conferences, advertiser meetings and home shows. Just like everybody else in cold-weather climates, we also shovel snow and fight the flu.  February flies by and the spring exterior remodeling season is upon us before we know it…

During the cold months of January and February, my colleagues and I share one common emotion — anxiety.

We’re anxious because winter is too short to finish our long list of winter projects.

There never seems to be enough time to do the things we plan to do during the “off season.”  As I talk with colleagues, we commiserate about all of the plans we had for winter that didn’t get done. We meant to update our websites, put together a year-long marketing campaign, introduce new products, update our showrooms, review our employees’ performance and improve our business in so many ways.

We’re anxious for the homeowner holiday hangover to end and the spring rush to begin.   Even though the winter months can seem to drag on by, once it is over it seem as though it went by too quickly.

Now, spring is here and winter anxiety is over.  Warm weather changes everything.  Just like every spring, homeowners are coming out of hibernation. Once again, they want new doors and windows. Whether you are ready or not, here comes the spring rush.  Time to stop worrying, roll up your sleeves and get back to work!

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