The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) noted new standards activity related to the glass and glazing industry in its recent “ANSI Standards Action” publications.

According to the March 4 publication, action for the Standard for Safety for Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, and Window Operators and Systems has been approved by the ANSI Board of Standards Review. It is a revision of ANSI/UL 325-2015.

Additionally, according to ANSI, standards currently under revision include Mortise Locks and Latches (BSR/BHMA A156.13-201x), a revision of ANSI/BHMA A156.13-2012, and Door Gasketing and Edge Seal Systems (BSR/BHMA A156.22-201x), a revision of ANSI/BHMA A156.22-2012.

The former standard “establishes performance requirements for mortise locks and Latches and includes operational, cycle, strength, material evaluation, security, and finish tests, and dimensional criteria.” The latter “establishes requirements for the performance and installation of gasketing systems including intumescents applied to, or mortised to doors, frames, or both. Included are performance tests intended to evaluate resistance to smoke and air infiltration, energy performance, acoustic properties, and the life and durability of gasketing materials.”

A call for members to submit feedback has been put out for that standard.

Meanwhile, five parts to the “Glass in Building – Determination of the bending strength of glass” standard have been published, including:

ISO 1288-1:2016, Part 1: Fundamentals of testing glass;

ISO 1288-2:2016, Part 2: Coaxial double-ring test on flat specimens with large test surface areas;

ISO 1288-3:2016, Part 3: Test with specimen supported at two points (four point bending);

ISO 1288-4:2016, Part 4: Testing of channel shaped glass; and

ISO 1288-5:2016, Part 5: Coaxial double ring test on flat specimens with small test surface areas.

For more information, view the February 24 publication here and the March 4 edition here.

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