The ForceField air and water barrier system from Georgia-Pacific consists of structural engineered wood sheathing panels laminated with a proprietary air and water barrier. Once the panels are installed on a structure and the panel seams are taped with ForceField seam tape, it creates a code-compliant, integrated system for residential or light commercial construction that eliminates the need for house wrap.

According to the company, ForceField can be installed faster than traditional house wrap installation, helping save time and helping lower total installed cost. Doors, windows and other penetrations don’t require complicated cutting and folding common with house wrap installation.

Once installed, ForceField provides protection from the elements throughout the construction process. The integrated sheathing and proprietary overlay create a barrier that keeps water out, but is also vapor permeable, allowing water vapor to escape and promote drying. ForceField sheathing combined with ForceField seam tape helps prevent air infiltration, which helps create a more energy-efficient structure.

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