Epicor Software Corporation has released Epicor BisTrack 5.0, an update to the company’s business management software for North American dealers and distributors of lumber, building materials, and construction supplies. This release has new features that the company says are designed to simplify and streamline the increasingly diversified lumber and build materials (LBM) business, and maximize sales opportunities with existing customers.

Epicor BisTrack 5.0 is designed to give LBM dealers and distributors the advanced features and functionality needed to manage and profitably grow their increasingly diversified businesses. The software helps dealers achieve this growth by simplifying and streamlining their operations, by helping them identify their best customers and by leveraging customer data to drive sales.

For Epicor BisTrack 5.0, the company’s development team streamlined the sales functions for everything from a standard item in stock to the complex configured exterior door. Users can leverage these new order entry screens or design their own customized versions to meet their specific business needs.

Epicor BisTrack 5.0 also offers even more comprehensive manufacturing functionality, and allows dealers to better communicate and share this information across a distributed enterprise. The software’s Product Configurator is designed to improve order accuracy and costing for door manufacturing and other millwork.

Epicor BisTrack 5.0 also offers the following technologies to streamline operations:

• Automated Supplier Invoice Processing: As business grows, so does its number of supplier invoices. BisTrack AP Automation is a quick and easy way to streamline accounts payable (AP) processing. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract pertinent information from scanned supplier invoices, and automatically transfers it to Epicor BisTrack so that invoices and the values within them are accurately tracked.

• Tax Outsourcing: As LBM dealers grow and merge their business locations will often span county and state lines, causing added tax complexity. Epicor BisTrack 5.0 offers Epicor Tax Connect, a scalable, subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides LBM dealers with a fast, easy and accurate way to manage sales and use tax.



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