The Rehau Montana ecosmart house, which features Pleotint LLC’s technology, recently was honored by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its Montana chapter as a Sustainability Award winner.

The annual Sustainability Award focuses specifically on the products and processes put forth on a building. The windows installed on this structure included Pleotint’s Suntuitive dynamic glass featuring variable light transmission tinting that uses heat from direct sunlight to activate. The windows are designed to continuously adapt any time of the day, year round, in any place in the house, based on the amount of direct sunlight.

“The designers and Rehau were looking for innovative technology that could be incorporated into the windows. We were thrilled when they chose Suntuitive Glass and we’re obviously very pleased with the way the job turned out and the honors it is gathering,” says Chad Simkins, vice president of Pleotint.

Built in Bozeman, Mont., the Rehau Montana ecosmart house is serving as a residential modeling and construction project to expand the knowledge of environmental and human sustainability, according to Rehau, which is sponsoring the project.

The ecosmart house is functioning as a living lab for MSU CRLab, where its energy performance is being tested over a two-year period. More than 300 sensors placed throughout the house will collect data to evaluate the performance of the various building systems in everyday life situations, as well as how each of the systems contributes to the home’s energy efficiency, comfort and life-cycle costs.

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