Consumers looking for doors and windows hit the Internet to research products and prices. However, that hasn’t always translated into solid leads for dealers. That’s because consumers generally don’t want to be contacted by salespeople early in the decision-making process, especially when they’re just trying to get a ballpark estimate on costs.

EchoQuote by LeadLifter seeks to change that by providing instant budgetary quotes, says company founder Dale Underwood.

The service places a call-to-action button on a company’s website. The potential customer clicks on the EchoQuote button, submits an e-mail address, then chooses the product they’re interested in.

After clicking the “submit” button, the entry is routed to the sales team, which then decides if it’s a legitimate inquiry. After the sales team approves the submission, a budgetary quote is displayed.

“We’re just putting something in the customer’s hands instead of having them fill out a form and have their phone start ringing,” says Underwood. “This service is really geared toward the modern consumer.”

Thermal Specialties and Installation Co., in the Washington, D.C., area is one replacement window company that’s using the service.

Underwood says EchoQuote could help other businesses, too.

“If you’ve ever been on a website and you were interested in a product or a service but they didn’t tell you how much it was, then you can understand the frustration — and the opportunity,” he says. “If I can provide a mechanism for someone to request pricing easily, I might be able to engage them quickly and start the sales process.”

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