Northern Architectural Products Inc. (NAP), a division of The Accurate Group, has created a 2-bar hinge that the company says is the first on the market capable of carrying mass weights, including the heavier loads associated with triple-glazed windows.
pinnacle hinge rendering

The new residential Pinnacle 2-bar concealed hinge is available in standard 7/16-inch stack height or the new 436 series heavy duty hinge in 5/8-inch stack height with 200-pound certification. Withstanding load capacities of 150 pounds for over 8,000 test cycles exceeds AAMA 901-10. The hinge also can double as both a casement and project-out (awning) hinge. This means one hinge can serve two applications.

The hinge remains fully adjustable up to 9/32  of an inch or 4 mm via its elongated holes. The pinnacle hinge is available in Corro-Guard steel, which the company says has undergone 300 hours of salt spray testing performed by a SCC Certified lab. Additionally, the hinge is available in 304 (18-8) stainless steel.

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