Architectural hardware designer and manufacturer Krownlab introduces Baldur, a hubless sliding-door hardware system for commercial and large residential interiors.

Baldur can be attached to door panels in three different ways – top mount, face mount and flass mount – and can be used in a variety of door configurations. Its patented hubless design employs custom massive unsealed bearings, four inches in diameter and clamped at only one point in the action, which provide Baldur’s movement.

It’s easy to adjust the Baldur system onsite, according to the company, and with three mounting systems, Baldur provides the flexibility to work with panels of nearly any size and material up to 400 pounds.

Fabricated from 300- and 400-series stainless steel, in three different finishes – brushed, black, and polished – Krownlab says the Baldur system won’t patina or develop rust, even in damp or humid environments. The product has been tested to 130,000 open-and-close cycles, which is equivalent to 10 years of heavy use, and is suitable for high-traffic commercial environments.


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