Improveit 360 has launched One-Org for franchises and manufacturers. The new solution acts as a single platform to bring an entire network together into one system, with web-based accessibility and enhanced by custom mobile apps. Now a franchisor and franchisees, or a manufacturer and its distributor/dealer network, can have all their communication, data and business functionality in a customizable operations platform.

With the cloud platform as improveit 360’s technology backbone, the company says all vital data will live in secure servers, accessible from anywhere, anytime.
One-Org provides all the functionality of the improveit 360 enterprise solution including: CRM & lead management; appointment scheduling; in-home sales tools and quoting; marketing and call center features; project management; and business intelligence and reporting. With all locations under one umbrella in a unified architecture, manufacturers and franchisors will see benefits that include:

• Automated lead distribution and tracking;
• Real-time oversight into network performance and operations;
• Accurate, up-to-date product catalogs and price books;
• Systemization of standard corporate processes;
• Improved communication and franchisee/dealer loyalty;
• Control over product marketing, and;
• Royalty reporting.

“Other industries have greatly benefited from similar platforms, but this is the first of its kind geared towards the home improvement industry,” said Justin Showers, marketing director of improveit 360. “There’s literally nothing like it out there, and we’re incredibly excited to see how technology this powerful transforms our industry for the better.”

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