The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) has put out its 2016 National Policy Agenda which gives “focus to the lumber and building material industry’s legislative and regulatory priorities.”

“NLBMDA stands ready to work with policymakers on job creation and sound fiscal policies that support a healthy housing market,” says NLBMDA chair Scott Yates. “The 2016 National Policy Agenda provides a framework for streamlining government regulations, reducing abusive lawsuits, and maintaining workforce flexibility needed for sustained economic growth.”

NLBMDA will continue its advocacy efforts with lawmakers and regulatory agencies on behalf of the lumber and building material industry. The association’s agenda includes the industry’s positions on: housing and construction policy; tax and economic policy; legal reform and consumer protection; workforce policy; environment, health, and safety; product supply and trade; energy policy; transportation policy; and highway safety.

“The NLBMDA is dedicated to protecting the interests of the lumber and building material industry and will continue its work with Congress and the Obama Administration to reduce burdensome regulations, promote responsible economic policies, and continue advancing the housing recovery,” says NLBMDA president and CEO Jonathan Paine.

The agenda will be distributed to members of Congress and key administration officials and will be used by NLBMDA members.

The document can be downloaded here.

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