Employers and employees have hugely different goals for 2016.  Making more money was the top resolution of business owners, while finding a new place to work was a top resolution of employees, according to a Career Builder survey of more than  3,000 workers conducted by Harris Poll.

“Make More Money”…  Perhaps increasing profits is a bit too altruistic for your tastes, but this is the most popular resolution for business owners in 2016.  Profits are what make the substantial risk of operating a business worthwhile, so it is not unreasonable for business owners to make higher profits a New Year’s resolution.

“New Year, New Job”…  20 percent of all workers and 30 percent of Millennials selected a change of workplace as their New Year’s resolution.  Here are the remaining Top 5 resolutions for American workers in 2016:

  • Save more money;
  • Be less stressed;
  • Get a raise or promotion;
  • Eat healthier at work, and;
  • Learn something new.

Can employers and employees find a resolution compromise?  Perhaps employers and employees should offer an exchange for the things they each want most…

If both parties open the lines of communication and understand the needs and desires of the other, it is more likely they both will be satisfied. Although employees of a business should already know that improving company profits must be a high priority, maybe it is time for the employer to communicate that need better – and offer incentives.

Here are some examples of how helping employees meet their resolution goals can benefit the employers’ goal of a better bottom line:

  • Offer employees who value saving more money a matching contribution to a savings account and base the match upon the individual’s ability to increase the bottom line.  
  • Ask employees what part of their job gives them the most stress and make accommodations where possible, to avoid turnover and the high cost of employee training.  
  • Offer employees education & training that increases their value to the company, such as AAMA Installation Masters certification for installers or additional sales training for dealer representatives. Employees who successfully complete education or training and implement what they’ve learned in ways that allow a company to increase profits should be entitled to a raise or promotion.

By the way, this year’s most popular resolution for all Americans is “enjoy life to the fullest,” jumping ahead of “losing weight” for the first time in over a decade. Enjoying life to the fullest might even be at odds with the age-old favorite of losing weight…

PS… A resolution is not a strategy. It is simply a goal, not a method to achieve that goal.  In 2014, I wrote a blog post here called “New Year Resolutions” about how a change of diet and exercise could improve both the fitness of a business and personal physical fitness, a perennial favorite New Year’s resolution. 

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