Many door and window manufacturers are using their own test equipment to perform in-house research, development and quality control.  This allows new products to be developed quickly, at reduced cost, and more reliably than when design assemblies are tested at an external facility, and can ensure that ongoing production is up to standard.   Tespro’s In-Line Quality Control Window Testing System allows for non-destructive testing of complex window assemblies to ensure their integrity before installation.  Samples can be verified before shipping with minimal effort.
Designed to exert air pressures and simulate wind-driven rain in accordance with the technical specifications of recognized test standards, the system includes a pneumatic window clamping system and gasket designs to suit different frames, profiles, nailing flanges and even retrofit window designs without nailing flanges.

This window testing system is outfitted to perform water penetration testing.  Air leakage testing and structural testing components and accessories are also options.

Also included with the TesPro In-Line Quality Control Window Testing System is a Water Spray Catch Box for use in calibrating water spray pattern and flow.


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