AWP Windows and Doors has introduced new 2016 Partner Programs for its dealers. According to the company, the programs will  deliver increased value and savings to customers.

AWP has chosen to focus on a handful of select Dealer Partners and work closely with them to drive its competitive advantage.

“We are confident that this new approach will allow our partners to more quickly identify and respond to business opportunities. Most significantly, it will enable us to help partners grow their business and increase profitability,” said Virginia Hoebanx, AWP’s director of marketing.

“It is important to understand that this program isn’t for everyone, nor will it be offered to everyone,” said Joseph Escribano, managing director of AWP. “We are looking for select partners and will cap participation in the program before it waters down our partners’ competitive edge.”

“At the end of the day, bigger isn’t better, better is better,” said Craig Speed, CEO.  “Our breadth of products, nimbleness and location provides AWP a competitive advantage in South Florida and we are now going to use this to our partners’ advantage.”

AWP is the manufacturer of America’s first certified impact window, and is a long-standing manufacturer of aluminum and vinyl windows and doors for the Florida and Caribbean residential and light commercial markets.

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