Custom Protect Ear’s dB Blocker ear plugs are custom-molded to each worker’s ear.  The company’s representatives go to the plant to take impressions of each worker’s ear canal and outer ear in a process that usually takes about ten minutes per worker.

CPE dB Blocker Convertible- Vented (Cord)

The custom impression is sent to the lab where the device, which is an exact replica of the wearer’s ear canal and outer ear, is manufactured from medical-grade silicone. This ensures the device seals the ear both in the canal and around the ear, preventing damaging noise from entering while eliminating ear pressure. The company says it’s increasing such precision by scanning the ear impression and is moving into 3-D printing of the casting for even closer fit. Company representatives then return to the plant to train workers on how to ensure proper fit and fix any that do not fit perfectly.

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